affective disorders

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pertaining to affect.
affective congruency consistency between the self-concept of an individual and the related behaviors and responses of others.
affective disorders mood disorders.
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af·fec·tive dis·or·ders

a group of mental disorders characterized by a mood disturbance.
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affective disorders

Abnormalities of mood or emotion, especially DEPRESSION, MANIA, and the MANIC-DEPRESSIVE or bipolar disorder.
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Because many of the antidepressants are currently reported in the treatment scheme for elderly patients with affective disorders, we have considered useful to investigate the influence of some antidepressants with different mechanisms of action, alone or in combination with magnesium, exerted on old laboratory animals, on a standardized behavioural model.
In our study, a positive family history of affective disorders was defined as 'any first-degree relative who had bipolar disorder, depression, or other affective disorders'.
"And people with seasonal affective disorder have depression approximately five months a year, most years.
DISCUSSION: The present study assessed the prevalence of bipolar affective disorder in substance use disorder patients, their sociodemographic variables and relationship between the two disorders.
Chronotherapeutics for affective disorders: a clinician's manual for light and wake therapy.
This manual was written with the intent to allow clinicians to use the principles of chronotherapeutics in their treatment of patients with seasonal affective disorder, non-seasonal depression, and other psychologic and neurologic illnesses.
The study is published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.
The prevalence of seasonal affective disorders in the Netherlands: a prospective and retrospective study of seasonal mood variation in the general population.
Henry David Thoreau: Cycles and Psyche is a deep exploration of classic author Henry David Thoreau's self-declared "Insanity." Writen by expert psychiatric consultant Michael Sperber, Cycles and Psyche uses Icarian and Daedalian imagery in its search to identify masked affective disorders in the great writer.
Various possible relationships between alcoholism and affective disorders have been postulated (see table 1) (for more information, see Nurnberger and Berrettini 1998; Merikangas and Gelernter 1990).