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"A Box of Butterflies" is picture book by author and illustrator Jo Rooks that provides children ages 4 to 9 with an introduction to social-emotional learning and affective education. A special feature of "A Box of Butterflies" includes a "Note to Parents and Caregivers" that helps parents, teachers and caregivers to introduce and identify emotions for children.
Among these elements are problem solving, affective education, changing self-talk, role-playing, rewards, and enacting behavioral experiments.
Teacher-directed prompts contributed to reflective learning and affective education. Students began to identify the affective component embedded in psychomotor tasks.
Affective education: a comparative view, Cassell, London.
Cheng and Hui explore the perception of affective education in mainland China.
That is, school counselors are an important part of the delivery of, and experience with, affective education to help young people develop the affective side, an important part of the learning process (Baker & Gerler, 2004).
Affective education is concerned with the beliefs, feelings, and attitudes of teachers and students.
Education provides an opportunity for changed motivations and changed mindset for achieving stipulated targets, affective education remains our most powerful tool for achieving long-term change within our communities, speakers said while addressing the seminar.Prof.
Relational agency is a suitable conceptual framework for this literature review as the concept suggests a reconsideration of the educational pedagogies for preparing future information and knowledge professionals, particularly in the area of affective education and training for professional practice, and of the information and knowledge professions more broadly.
This study illustrates how affective education was realized in a middle school in China's Guangzhou.
These cognitive interventions typically include storyboard instruction on the use of social skills, description of what a friend is, and affective education (identifying emotions).
They covered topics such as Identifying Students with High Ability in Indiana, Service Options for Indiana Students with High Ability, Developing an Effective Broad Based Planning Committee, Guiding Students with High Abilities: Social and Emotional Considerations, and Activities and Resources for Affective Education of High Ability Students in Indiana.