affect display

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af·fect dis·play

(af'fekt dis-plā'),
Facial expressions, postures, and gestures indicating emotional states.
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OtterBox Alpha Glass offers a pure touch screen experience with maximum protection against scratches and impact.* Alpha Glass is quick and simple to install, does not affect display clarity and is available now for AppleA(r) iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c and Samsung GALAXY SA(r) 5.
8 Shifted from blindside but change didn't affect display REPLACEMENTS 16 Sean Crombie ....................6 Big step up from Scottish club 17 Micky Ward ........................
If enacted, the proposed FAA rule would affect displays on 139 Boeing 737 and 18 777 planes in the US, the FAA said, pegging the cost of refitting at USD$1.6 million.
Ekman and Friesen (1969) divided gestures into five categories: emblems (which have a direct verbal translation like putting the finger to the lips to indicate be quiet), illustrators (which are closely linked to speech and help demonstrate what is being said), regulators (which maintain and regulate interaction), affect displays (which provide information about emotional states), and adaptors (unintentional body movements that are linked with negative attitudes).
Characteristically, Sanchez titled the series, dated 2008, as a run-on sentence that at first glance is baffling, but on closer reading becomes apt and profound: "Head/bust series with affect displays 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 My Head Stuck not Struck no TRAPPED as a Constructivist theatre stage, no sculpture, no architecture, no painting ...