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In another case series involving five patients with lower eyelid retraction resulting from various aetiologies, similar positive findings were reported when injections of Restylane and Perlane were placed anterior to the orbital rim within the preperiosteal plane deep to orbicularis muscle.
In the present study, the mean number of aetiologies was 3, which was similar to that reported in the existing literature, (38-40) including a study from our centre.
The rates of positive syphilis and HIV serology among patients with different GUD aetiologies are shown in Table II.
Frequency distribution of aetiologies for CAP, and the number of aetiologies per patient Age group (%) 55-64 65-74 75+ (n = 54) (n = 46) (n = 45) P(a) Agent S.
Table II shows the variation in the aetiologies of acute pancreatitis in US, European and South African settings.
The remaining sales are derived from the treatment of a mixture of aetiologies such as anti-inflammatory conditions and muscle relaxants.
It is triggered by extremely diverse group of aetiologies and clinicians must understand the aetiologies of acute kidney injuiy to prevent occurrence and to start treatment early.
History, examination and investigations were carried out to find out various aetiologies of respiratory distress.
Many different aetiologies exist and key prevalence indicators include:
Haemoptysis occurs by similar mechanisms in benign and malignant aetiologies, that is, by local necrosis and inflammation of blood vessels.
Tumours are the most common aetiology in younger and inflammatory and infectious aetiologies are the most common ones in older patients with JS.
The most common aetiologies of an exudative pleural effusion in routine clinical practice are synpneumonic, tuberculosis and malignancy.