Aerobic Dance

Aerobic Dance™

A proprietary form of aerobic exercise developed in 1969 by an American, Jacki Sorensen. A typical routine consists of flexibility (to increase muscle elasticity), warm-up (which incorporates stretching into a dance, slowly increasing the heart rate and muscle temperature), followed by a 20–30 minute dance routine, and ending with a cool-down routine and stretching.
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The finals are being held among senior and junior gymnasts in the programs of "Women Individual", "Men's Individual", "Mixed Pairs", "Trios", "Groups", "Aerobic Dance" and "Aerobic Step" (only seniors).
The 18 passionate essays are an aerobic dance between highbrow and lowbrow, exploring our culture through its creations, whether it's a sitcom, a documentary on the Iraq War, the cult classic film The Room, David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest or a movie made in Bissell's hometown in northern Michigan.
Zumba is the most dangerous, slightly more so than aerobic dance (2.9 per 1,000) and Spanish dancing, such as the Flamenco (1.5 per 1,000).
During the 8-week period of aerobic dance exercise program, the MD for weight (2.66), BMI (1.06), waist (6.28) and hip circumference (6.17) was found significant.
Given the role of AGT in blood pressure homeostasis and the evidence suggesting that the polymorphism may be beneficial for exercise, we aimed to investigate whether or not selected power-related variables and their response to a 12-week program of low- and high-intensity aerobic dance training would be modulated by the AGT M235T genotype in healthy participants.
Cardio-dance made a comeback last year, harking back to the Jane Fonda years of aerobic dance exercises.
A test to estimate [VO.sub.2max] in females using aerobic dance, heart rate, BMI, and age.
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of aerobic dance exercise [21] thrice a week, in addition to 30 minutes of moderate self-imposed physical activity on the remaining weekdays, on birth weight [22], including the proportion of small (< 2500 g) and large ([greater than or equal to] 4000 g) newborns in nulliparous previously inactive pregnant women.
Other titles not reviewed include: Cross-Training, Endurance & Cardio Training, Exercise for Physical & Mental Health, Flexibility & Agility, Sports & Fitness, Step Aerobics & Aerobic Dance, Weightlifting & Strength Building.--Kristin Fletcher-Spear.
"Raqs, which means dance in Arabic, will not only improve fitness levels amongst participants, thus assisting weight loss, but will also help release stress and improve overall well-being." The new workout routine is a non-stop 23-minute aerobic dance class composed of hip-hop and Latin dance, as well as a touch of yoga at the end as a cool-down exercise.According to Mr Algoasibi, it utilises high and low impact exercises to give members an intense total body workout that will leave them feeling breathless and exhilarated.
Even after some practice sessions, women in an aerobic dance class significantly underestimated post-exercise HR by 29 [+ or -] 26 beats x [min.sup.-1] (3).
The programme also includes an aerobic dance studio, a suite of sports offices and administration, and changing rooms to accommodate the school's sporting needs.