Aerobic Dance

Aerobic Dance™

A proprietary form of aerobic exercise developed in 1969 by an American, Jacki Sorensen. A typical routine consists of flexibility (to increase muscle elasticity), warm-up (which incorporates stretching into a dance, slowly increasing the heart rate and muscle temperature), followed by a 20–30 minute dance routine, and ending with a cool-down routine and stretching.
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Walking, jogging, cycling, aerobic dance, and climbing stairs are examples of activities that use large muscle groups and can be considered aerobic exercise.
Subjects who participated in the aerobic dance program underwent a pilot study to determine which routines would consistently elicit heart rates above 150 b x [min.
Her accomplishments include an award for excellence in 2001 in the 45th Annual International Award Exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute, and a first-place award in 1998 in the National Exhibition at Long Beach Arts; Patricia Santana, Spanish instructor and author of "Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility," a debut novel published in 2002 by the University of New Mexico Press; Heidi Sarmiento-Hardin, an adjunct instructor in exercise science who teaches personal and community health and aerobic dance exercise.
In two weeks, I've already lost 15 pounds,'' shouted John Paul Morris, 15, of Granada Hills, over the din of 60 students sweating their lunch period away in a roomful of high-end exercise equipment - including six thumping, high-energy Dual Device Revolution aerobic dance machines installed last month.
The martial arts champion turns boxing moves into an aerobic dance style workout.
Protected music sung around a campfire, in a dining hall, as part of a play or skit, played by cassette or CD for gymnastics or aerobic dance classes all meet the definition of a performance.
In July, work will begin on building a new sports facility, which will include a new 25-metre swimming pool, a second sports hall above, fitness suite, weights room, aerobic dance studio and changing rooms.
The highlight of the program's launch event on Saturday, August 29th is an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest aerobic dance class in the world.
Walking, jogging, cycling, aerobic dance, and stair-climbing are examples of activities that use large muscle groups can be considered aerobic exercise.
They will be showing off their skills learned in after-school aerobic dance sessions.