Aegle marmelos

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Aegle marmelos,

n See bael.
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Gas-chromatography/Mass-spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis of the fractions of Aegle marmelos extracts
A review on pharmacological and phytochemical properties of Aegle marmelos (L.
Fruits of Aegle marmelos are considered anti-diarrheal in Ayurveda; the Rajbongshi TMP used the fruits along with plant parts of the two above-mentioned plants for treatment of dysentery.
Certainly, the available studies indicate that plants like Centella asiatica, Ageratum conyzoides, Terminalia arjuna, Moringa oleifera, and Aegle marmelos present excellent potential for development of drugs leading to treatment of both widespread but common ailments like gastrointestinal disorders, as well as complicated ailments like diabetes and heart diseases, which are prevalent throughout the world population and which cannot be treated satisfactorily with modern allopathic medicine.
27 Sexual disorder in Any dirt accumulating on the neck of a males, to increase female is mixed with macerated roots of attraction in a Aegle marmelos (L.
Names of some important medicinal flora that were displayed include Acalypha, Adenium obesum Aegle marmelos, Ageratum and others.
Several herbs where found to have antidiabetic and/or antihyperlipidemic effects including Aegle marmelos, Allium cepa, Nigella sativa, Trigonella foenum, Rosmarinus officinalis, Matricaria chamomilla, Cajanus cajan, Aloe vera, and Swertia chirata.
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