Aedes vexans

A·e·des vexans

mosquito species that is a vector of California group encephalitis and a secondary or suspected vector of eastern equine encephalitis.
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Aedes vexans mosquitoes, aka floodwater mosquitoes, are aggressive biters.
Kocisova et al., "Dirofilaria repens microfilariae in Aedes vexans mosquitoes in Slovakia," Parasitology Research, vol.
Mosquito Surveillance Data From a High Risk Area Species 08/31/15 09/02/15 09/09/15 Aedes albopictus 115 113 88 Aedes vexans 1 16 Anopheles crucians complex Anopheles quadrimaculatus 2 2 Culex erraticus 27 Culex nigripalpus 1 Culex quinquefasciatus 6 19 2 Culex salinarius 69 30 Ochlerotatus triseriatus 1 4 Orthopodomyia signifera Psorophora columbiae 1 Psorophora ferox Grand Total 122 236 139 Species 09/23/15 10/14/15 Species total Aedes albopictus 98 65 479 Aedes vexans 2 19 Anopheles crucians complex 4 4 Anopheles quadrimaculatus 13 4 21 Culex erraticus 2 29 Culex nigripalpus 2 3 Culex quinquefasciatus 147 38 212 Culex salinarius 3 779 881 Ochlerotatus triseriatus 3 8 16 Orthopodomyia signifera 2 2 Psorophora columbiae 2 2 5 Psorophora ferox 1 1 Grand Total 275 900 1,672 Table 4.
immitis in wild mosquito populations and identified nine major potential vectors with the greatest transmission efficiency as Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Aedes canadensis, Aedes sierrensis, Aedes trivitattus, Aedes vexans, Anopheles punctipennis, Anopheles quadrimaculatus, and Culex quinquefasciatus.
Aedes vexans, Culex poicilipes, Culex antennatus, and Mansonia uniformis comprised 52.6% of the mosquitoes collected; these 4 species are known to be RVFV vectors in the subregion.
such as Aedes vexans, Aedes aegpti, Aedes albopictus, Ae.
Isolation and genetic characterization of Rift Valley Fever virus from Aedes vexans arabiensis, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
A total of 1862 adult and 3785 larvae of Culicinae mosquitoes were collected, of which four genera and eight species of Culicinae were recognized, namely Aedes vexans, Ochlerotatus caspius s.l.
Blood meals were identified from 6 horses and 4 cows in the 10 Mansonia titillans Walker, from 2 horses and 1 cow in 3 Aedes vexans Meigen, from 1 cow and 1 deer in 2 Culex salinarius Coquillett, and from 1 rabbit in Culex erraticus Dyer & Knab, while all 3 Anopheles crucians Wiedemann fed upon horses.
At right is Aedes vexans, also called the floodwater mosquito.
Since some mosquitoes, such as Aedes vexans, travel long distances from breeding sites, a jurisdiction-wide survey of mosquito populations in Simpson was needed to determine the current mosquito-breeding levels in the town.
Bridge mosquito vectors (e.g., Coquillettidia perturbans, Aedes vexans, or Aedes sollicitans) transmit EEEV to humans and other mammals (1,2).