Advance Statement

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A statement made by an adult at a time when he/she has the capacity to decide for himself/herself about the treatments he/she wishes to accept or refuse, in circumstances in the future when he/she is no longer able to make decisions or communicate his/her preferences
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The health professional had taken the time to read my advance statement and learned of my affection for music and, in particular, this piece of music.
sanity "I'd urge those who have been treated for mental health to prepare an advance statement but to do it in conjunction when become with their health professionals and their 'named person' - a carer, friend or family member - to ensure it's as constructive as possible.
The advance statement and that named person is your link between sanity and insanity when you become ill.
In common with the BMA, the commission defines incapacity as the inability to understand or retain information or to make or communicate decisions, and it too endorses the encouragement and enabling of advance statements (providing that they do not preclude basic care or unnecessarily endanger a fetus).