Adson maneuver

Ad·son test

a test for thoracic outlet syndrome; the patient is seated, with head extended and turned to the side of the lesion; with deep inspiration there is a diminution or total loss of radial pulse on the affected side. Not all patients with a positive result to Adson test have thoracic outlet syndrome.
Synonym(s): Adson maneuver
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Adson Test

A clinical test for thoracic outlet syndrome which is based on a reduction or obliteration of the radial artery pulse with compression at the interscalene triangle.
Technique The examiner palpates the radial pulses of a seated patient whose hands are on his thighs. The patient then takes a deep breath, holds it, then hyperextends his neck, turning his head, first to one side, then the other; the side on which the radial pulse decreases or disappears—due to compression of the subclavian artery between the pectoralis minor and the chest wall—is the one affected by thoracic outlet syndrome.
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Adson maneuver

A test for thoracic outlet compression syndrome. The patient's arm is moved back into extension and external rotation with the elbow extended and forearm supinated. The radial pulse is palpated while the patient is asked to tuck the chin, side-bend the head toward the opposite side, and rotate the chin toward the side of the extended arm. The patient is then asked to inhale. A positive sign of numbness or tingling in the hand or diminished pulse indicates the brachial plexus or blood vessels are compromised at the site of the scalene muscle.
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Alfred Washington, U.S. neurosurgeon, 1887-1951.
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Adson maneuver - Synonym(s): Adson test
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Adson syndrome - (1) thoracic outlet syndrome. Synonym(s): Naffziger syndrome; - (2) cerebral sphingolipidosis.
Adson test - a test for thoracic outlet syndrome. Synonym(s): Adson maneuver; Adson procedure
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A careful history and thorough clinical examination are the most important components in establishing the diagnosis of TOS, which remains a diagnosis of exclusion and is confirmed with the reproduction of the symptoms with armraising maneuvers, the Adson maneuver, imaging, and angiographic and neurophysiological studies [8].