Adson forceps

Ad·son for·ceps

a small thumb forceps with two teeth on one tip and one tooth on the other.
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Ad·son forceps

(ad'sŏn fōr'seps)
A thumb forceps with toothed or serrated tips used to pick up tissue or grasp gauze dressings.
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Alfred Washington, U.S. neurosurgeon, 1887-1951.
Adson aneurysm needle
Adson angular hook
Adson brain clip
Adson brain-exploring cannula
Adson brain forceps
Adson brain hook
Adson brain retractor
Adson brain suction tip
Adson brain suction tube
Adson cerebellar retractor
Adson cranial rongeur
Adson drainage cannula
Adson dural hook
Adson dural knife
Adson dural protector
Adson forceps
Adson Gigli saw
Adson Gigli-saw guide
Adson head rest
Adson maneuver - Synonym(s): Adson test
Adson microbipolar forceps
Adson microdressing forceps
Adson microtissue forceps
Adson procedure - Synonym(s): Adson test
Adson scalp clip
Adson scalp clip-applying forceps
Adson syndrome - (1) thoracic outlet syndrome. Synonym(s): Naffziger syndrome; - (2) cerebral sphingolipidosis.
Adson test - a test for thoracic outlet syndrome. Synonym(s): Adson maneuver; Adson procedure
Brown-Adson forceps - see under Brown, James
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* Peel of the plastic film (small width) from one piece easily with Adson forceps (Non-toothed)