Alfred W., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1887-1951. See: Adson test, Adson forceps, Adson maneuver, Brown-Adson forceps.
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ANDY ADSON, 54, SUBSEA ENGINEER, INSCH I WORKED as a nurse for about 22 years - I loved it.
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Attempts to understand why people gamble when the odds of winning are against them have included a myriad of self-report assessments that hope to gain insight into the minds of gamblers (e.g., Johnson, Hamer, & Nora, 1998; Kim, Grant, Adson, & Young, 2001).
Adson's or Roos' test, may not be specific enough to diagnose TOS, especially because only 5% of TOS incidences are considered to be of vasculogenic dominance.
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En los procedimientos de utilizaron los siguientes materiales e instrumentos: lidocaina al 2 % con epinefrina 1:80.0000, mango de bisturi Bard Parker No 3, hoja de bisturi No 15, pinzas Adson sin garras, espatula 7A, portaagujas, agujas de 3/8" de circulo reverso cortante atraumaticas, sutura catgut cromico 4/0, solucion salina al 0,9 % y cemento quirurgico.
A headlight, needle holder, long Killian's nasal speculum, Adson's forcep, and mosquito forcep are required.
Rodrigues Fleury Rosa [ID], (2) Paulo Eduardo Narcizo de Souza [ID], (3) Marcella Lemos Brettas Carneiro [ID], (4) Mario Fabricio Fleury Rosa [ID], (2,5) Yasmin Carneiro Lobo Macedo [ID], (2) Fabiane Hiratsuka Veiga-Souza [ID], (6,7) and Adson Ferreira da Rocha [ID] (2)
Adson's test for TOS was positive with loss of radial pulse and numbness in the left arm and hand, and Wright's hyperabduction test was negative.