Alfred W., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1887-1951. See: Adson test, Adson forceps, Adson maneuver, Brown-Adson forceps.
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8 Mm, Adson Forceps Fine Tooth, Adsons Forceps Plain Fine
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The examination consisted of careful inspection, palpation, evaluation of the amplitudes of functional movement, and special detailed tests based on Hoppenfeld, [14] such as the Adson, Filkenstein, and Phalen tests, and maneuvers to test bicipital and elbow tendonitis.
Al examen fisico pruebas de desencadenamiento, Adson, costoclavicular y prueba de hiperabduccion positivas, triada de Selmonosky positiva asociada a disminucion de fuerza muscular del miembro superior izquierdo, posterior se solicito una resonancia nuclear magnetica la cual confirmo la presencia de costilla cervical accesoria con compresion de la porcion distal de troncos primarios del plexo braquial; posteriormente se toma electromiografia y neuroconduccion que reporta dentro de limites normales.
At the end of the procedure, the polymerized adhesive could be seen over the lacrimal punctum and any remaining adhesive on the ocular surface was removed with the aid of a sterile swab or Adson forceps.
Por otra parte, los resultados de varios estudios clinicos (Bortnick, El-Khalili, Banov, Adson, Datto y Raines, 2011) ponen de manifiesto que quetiapina LP es el unico antipsicotico atipico que ha demostrado eficacia en monoterapia para el tratamiento del TDM, por lo que ha sido aprobado en algunos paises, como Australia y Canada, en monoterapia para el tratamiento de la depresion mayor (Liebowite, Lam, Lepola, Datto, Sweiteer y Eriksson, 2010).
Classic provocative manoeuvres include the Roos test (elevated arm stress test to induce reproduction of the neurological symptoms), the Adson test (full neck extension and head rotation toward the side being examined, during deep inhalation, to detect a reduction in radial pulse amplitude), and the Wright test (progressive shoulder abduction to reproduce the symptoms).
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In Eco's fictional preface, he writes: "I was handed a book written by a certain Abbe Vallet, Le Manuscrit de Dom Adson de Melk, traduit en francais d'apres l'ddition de Dom J.
Even Heminges has them arrested; John Adson and Richard Balls in the 1620s and 1630s, for instance, belonged to the Blackfriars consort and were also city waits, (89) just as nowadays a musician may be in a prestigious Baroque consort on Monday, fill in with private students during the week, and end up on Saturday playing at a wedding.