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(ā′drē-ən), Edgar Douglas First Baron Adrian. 1889-1977.
British physiologist. He shared a 1932 Nobel Prize for major advances in the understanding of the nervous and muscular systems and was one of the first to study electrical activity in the brain and nervous system.
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Adrian pointed the gun at Kevin, threatening to shoot him.
Adrian was shot in the night-time robbery in the town of San Juan.
If you have seen Adrian or have information on his whereabouts please call Warwickshire Police on 101.
Adrian, from Dudley, was diagnosed with skin cancer in September 2012 after his wife Michelle noticed a mole on his back had changed colour.
From left, witness Lee Jones, groom's dad John, groom Adrian, best man Tony and bride's dad Colin, above left, bride Lisa with her dad |Colin and Adrian's daughter Katie Craig, above right, and the bride and groom with Lisa's parents Linda and Colin Charlton, right
Adrian, married to Emma, 34, said: "Usually once you get past the 40-mile mark things get easier and your body adjusts to the running.
Rather than see his rabbit put to death, Adrian sets it free, imploring it to run away.
Hopefully we can help raise awareness of the condition because another child could have to go through the exact same situation as Adrian.
In the first hearing last week, Adrian did not challenge the analytical findings of the test and had told the three- member anti- doping disciplinary panel that he may have smoked cigarettes laced with marijuana at a party in March.
Competing with over 50 of the world's most distinguished advertising agencies, Anson-Stoner came out on top, receiving nine Adrian Awards in the advertising category, more than any other organization.
Adrian was born July 16, 1929 in Caribou, ME a son of Sandy and Mamie (Mockler) Bell.