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Aggressive Diagnosis of Restenosis. A study evaluating the benefits, if any, of post-percutaneous coronary intervention functional testing
Primary endpoint Exercise tolerance
Conclusion Routine functional testing post-PCI results in similar rates of future cardiac procedures, little difference in functional status or QOL and no evidence of decreased clinical events
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Barbara Ann, a nurse and the oldest at 69, had been one of the earliest Adorers to set foot in Liberia in 1971.
The president of the Nocturnal Adorers, Felipe Bravo, went one step further: hse proposed the idea of a monument on the summit of the mountain as well.
Going after Kurtz to prevent his joining his night adorers, Marlow tells his audience, "I had some imbecile thoughts.
Photographs of the good doctor with astronauts, academics and adorers adorn the walls.
In it, the Virgin and Child are in space of their own, surrounded by a crowd of adorers, astounded by the wonder of the event.
This is not the divinely inspired genius of the later years as constructed by his English adorers. Harris's picture of the insecure and pliable wunderkind, making his way like every other composer at the behest of those more powerful than he, is utterly convincing.
109-43), and Wits Academy dictates the etiquettes for addressing the monarch, the nobility, 'other Dukes', 'Professors of Liberal Arts and Sciences', and poets ('To the Muses best adorers'; 'To the Laureated Society').
Day does not include all the possible orders in his volume, but the information he does include on the orders included seems to be accurate and up to date if one can judge from the information provided on this reviewer's own religious order, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ.
The joke is delivered in a lilting Scottish brogue by the girl who was once Rita McLaughlin but is now Mother Prioress Simeon, head of this contemplative, cloistered community, the Adorers Of The Sacred Heart.
The onstage tormenting, repudiation, and even murder of women by their adorers have compelling links to Protestant desecration of images: "Iconoclasts almost never looted the images for material gain," Diehl points out, "instead preferring to deface or desecrate them in certain highly symbolic ways, gouging out their eyes, for instance, or piercing their sides.
But their team name is a bit of a mouthful to chant - the Benedictine Adorers of the Sacred Heart in Tyburn Convent, London.