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vision regarding adoption leave to become reality, that is, to provide
They've launched a diversity dashboard that shows senior leaders how well objectives are being met and last year introduced a three week, fully-paid maternity or adoption leave, available in addition to the company's short-term disability leave.
As shown in Table-2, doctors reported that there were provisions for unpaid maternity/paternity/adoption leave (82 percent), paid maternity leave (79 percent), paid paternity leave (72 percent), and paid adoption leave (74 percent).
Shared leave or pay can only begin after the parent on maternity or adoption leave returns to work or gives binding notice of when they plan to end maternity or adoption leave.
Surrogate parents will also become eligible for adoption leave.
We recommend companies develop new policies to deal with this new right and to make consequential amendments to their existing maternity, paternity and adoption leave policies.
34(b)(iv) Variation after Commencement of Leave--After commencing adoption leave, an employee may vary the period of leave, once without the consent of the employer and otherwise with the consent of the employer.
For the Court of Justice, EU law does not guarantee maternity or adoption leave to a mother who has used a surrogate to have a baby
In addition, the scheme will include those working part-time, on maternity, paternity or adoption leave and those starting their own business who may not meet the minimum earning requirement.
The highest level of protection is afforded to pregnant employees (who may only be dismissed on certain grounds) and employees on pregnancy, maternity, or adoption leave (who may be dismissed due to the closure of the company).

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