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Medicinal herb obtained from Adonis vernalis (family Ranunculaceae), grown in eastern Europe and used there in the treatment of congestive heart failure. Contains strophanthidin and related cardiotonic glycosides.
Synonym(s): false hellebore
[G. Adōnis, mythical figure, fr. Phoenicial adon, lord]
Aspirin Dose Optimized in Non-Cardioembolic Ischemic Stroke. An ongoing trial designed to determine the optimum aspirin—an antiplatelet agent that inhibits thromboxane A2—dose needed to minimize recurrence of noncardioembolic ischemic stroke and drug-related adverse events
Primary endpoint Recurrent stroke, MI, vascular death, serious adverse events at 2 years
Conclusions Stroke is highest in those who do not modify their diets


Flowering plant (Adonis vernalis) thought to have medicinal qualities similar to those of Digitalis (q.v.); may cause serious drug interactions.
[G. Adōnis, mythical figure, fr. Phoenicial adon, lord]


a genus of the plant family Ranunculaceae; contain adonitoxin, adonidin, cardiac glycosides which cause diarrhea. Includes A. autumnalis (A. microcarpa), A. aestivalis, A. annua (A. microcarpa), A. microcarpa, A. vernalis.
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He had told TV's Wright Stuff: "What is for certain is the Cleggs, the Blairs, the Adonises will never give up.
The important thing to remember is that Richard is born into this family of Adonises.
Dancers' bodies are constantly on display, and I have to say being forced to witness so many unclothed Venuses and Adonises made me feel not only wretched about my own body, but also indignant that any human beings should be so perfect.
Instead, artists including lesbian photographer Collier Schorr explore all the roles these earthly Adonises play in our world.
And whereas in the past boyfriends tended to be fellow cyclists - "Some were very competitive with me" - Denise now hopes to broaden her horizons on the man front, although she admits: "I've been spoilt by going out with muscly Adonises, so my ideal man would still have to be sporty.
Meanwhile, Greek men have been stereotyped as bodybuilding Adonises with luxuriant chest hair and oversized gold jewellery.
A Night to Remember by Shalamar: When you're a bachelor girl, most nights on holiday are ones to remember but this song evokes recollections of letting rip at an open-air disco on Crete, with a surfeit of Greek Adonises dancing in attendance.
6 Cindy Sherman (Metro Pictures, New York, 1992) Sherman's horrifying (and laughable) images of plastic medical-supply mannequins, dismembered and reconstituted as a troop of mutilated Venuses and fragmentary Adonises, were among the most startling and memorable of the decade.
The waters are meant to be medicinal, well I can tell you some of these Adonises were indeed a sight for sore eyes.
In the seventies and eighties a lot of the airlines had these guys as sky marshals who preened themselves and thought they were Adonises.