Gubler, Adolphe

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Gubler, Adolphe

Fr. physician, 1821–1879.

Gubler line

The level of superficial origin of the trigeminus or fifth nerve.

Gubler paralysis

A form of alternate hemiplegia in which a brainstem lesion causes paralysis of the cranial nerves on one side and of the body on the opposite side.

Gubler tumor

A fusiform swelling on the wrist in lead palsy.


Adolphe, French physician, 1821-1879.
Gubler line - the level of the superficial origin of the trigeminus on the pons, a lesion below which causes Gubler paralysis.
Gubler paralysis - Synonym(s): Gubler syndrome
Gubler syndrome - a form of alternating hemiplegia characterized by contralateral hemiplegia and ipsilateral facial paralysis. Synonym(s): Gubler paralysis; Millard-Gubler syndrome
Gubler tumor - a fusiform swelling on the wrist in lead palsy.
Millard-Gubler syndrome - Synonym(s): Gubler paralysis
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But more than material value, it represents a tribute to excellence, professionalism and prolific academic life of individual that embody the most inspiring devotion and love for the "art of the gods", the profession practiced by great personalities like John Snow, William Morton and so many others who have contributed to the greatness of this magnanimous invention of mankind that brings life to the aphorism of "sometimes curing, often alleviating and always comforting", which comes from the 19th century and it is attributed by medicine historians to the French doctors Adolphe Gubler and Claude Bernard.