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Adolf, German physician, 1829-1901.
Fick method - cardiac output can be calculated as the quotient of total body oxygen consumption divided by the difference in oxygen content of arterial blood and mixed venous blood. Synonym(s): Fick principle
Fick principle - Synonym(s): Fick method
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The first successful contact lens was created in 1888 by German ophthalmologist, Adolf Fick, and was made of glass
A simple model that describes the chloride concentration as a function of time and distance under nonsteady state is given by Adolf Fick and it is popularly known as Fick's second law of diffusion [8], as given below:
Una variedad importante de procesos de difusion a traves de membranas celulares, reacciones de oxidacion-reduccion (redox), adveccion de contaminantes (transporte de particulas contaminantes a traves de un medio), etc, estan modeladas por la misma ecuacion diferencial parcial, salvo por la naturaleza de las variables y constantes, producto de la aplicacion de la segunda ley de difusion del fisiologo y biofisico aleman Adolf Fick (1829-1901):