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(1) The point at which a person begins an episode of care—e.g., by arriving at an inpatient ward.
(2) The point at which a person enters hospital as a patient.
Vox populi A statement by a person accused of doing a certain action acknowledging having done that action. 

Hospital/Healthcare admission types, Scotland
Emergency admission
30  Emergency admission, no additional detail added
31  Patient Injury Self-inflicted—injury or poisoning
32  Patient Injury Road traffic accident (RTA)
33  Patient Injury Home incident—including assault or accidental poisoning in the home.
34  Patient Injury Incident at work—including assault or accidental poisoning at work.
35  Patient Injury Other injury—including accidental poisoning outside of home—not elsewhere classified.
36  Patient Non-injury—e.g. stroke, acute MI, ruptured appendix.
38  Other Emergency admission—including emergency transfers.
39  Emergency Admission, type not known.
Other Admission
40  Other admission types, no additional detail added.
41  Home birth.
42  Maternity admission. 
43  Neonatal admission. 
48  Other
Routine Admission
10  Routine admission, no additional detail added.
11  Routine elective from waiting list as planned, excludes planned transfers.
12  Patient admitted non-emergently on day of decision to admit, or following day because suitable resources are available.
18  Planned transfers.
19  Routine admission, type not known.
Urgent Admission
20  Urgent admission, no additional detail added.
21  Patient delay—for domestic, legal or other practical reasons.
22  Hospital delay—for administrative or clinical reasons e.g. arranging appropriate facilities, for test to be carried out, specialist equipment, etc.
SMR (Scottish Morbidity Record) Data Manual
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Hospital practice An episode of in-hospital health care. See Frequent flyer, Nth admission, Readmission.
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