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A person or entity managing executive duties.


Informatics A user registered to a server who has one or more class privileges.
Managed care A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages the operational aspects of an enterprise—e.g., a medical center or bureaucracy.


Bureaucracy A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages operational aspects of a business or bureaucracy. See Scientific review administrator, State fluoridation administrator, Third-party administrator.


A person or entity managing executive duties.


n a person who manages or directs a dental benefits program on behalf of the program's sponsor. See also third-party administrator and dental benefits organization.
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The hunt is on for the PA or adminstrator in the West Midlands who most deserves the title of Secretary of the Year.
SAP DB is a world class database which is a strong foundation for our SAP applications," said Klaus Zimmermann, SAP Adminstrator and Principal IT Administrator at TDS Informationstechnologie AG.
Guitar playing Andy, a human resources adminstrator, said: 'We wanted broadband badly and it was a great moment when we got contacted - life is faster, better and more hassle-free with this kind of access to the Internet.
Monsignor David Gemmell, 54, was adminstrator of St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh and a close colleague of Cardinal Keith O'Brien.
A spokesman for the adminstrator Jonathan Newell of PFK said yesterday that the promises of other bids were from parties who had extensive motor industry experience.
Recently, our adminstrator announced a major reorganization of EPA's enforcement operations which were dispersed across the agency.
Quest Central for Exchange, with the ability to delegate Exchange administrative roles for Exchange 2000 and Active Directory, will provide organizations the capability to deliver autonomy to the Exchange adminstrator without giving up central control and management of Active Directory.
As reported last week, the Gateshead-based budget car company, which shot to fame when its outspoken Marske-born managing director Mike Porritt appeared on Channel 4's Boss Swap - was understood to have collapsed, but now BDO Stoy Hayward has been appointed adminstrator.
CONTACT: Karen Armour of Asea Brown Boveri, 203-328-2217; In New York: Barbara Wayne, New York DOT Communications, 518-457-4042; In Virginia, Tom Stewart, Department of Rail and Public Transportation for Virginia, 804-786-1056; In North Carolina, Julia Hegela, public affairs officer, 919-733-2522, North Carolina DOT; In Florida, Dick Kane, public information adminstrator, Florida DOT, 904-488-3111; In Illinois, Merrill Travis, bureau chief of railroads, Illinois DOT, 217-782-2835; In Michigan, Scott Hercik, acting administrator, Intercity Passenger Programs, Michigan DOT, 517-335-2571; In Wisconsin, Stephanie Smith, press secretary for Gov.
But the experienced Derry man - who has shared a profile as an inter-county manager and as an adminstrator in the past - feels the GAA has a case to answer for below par refereeing standards.
Adminstrator Tom Burton's doomsday scenario came on the day he said it was only a ``possibility'' Dundee FC would survive.
VENDOR PRODUCT CATEGORY NetIQ Domain Migration Directories Adminstrator Sun Cobalt Qube 3 Professional Internet appliances (Sun's Appliance Edition Business Unit) Activate Activate streaming media Multimedia networking service Sitara Networks QoSWorks 10000 Network management iConverse Mobile Studio 2.