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A person or entity managing executive duties.
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Informatics A user registered to a server who has one or more class privileges.
Managed care A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages the operational aspects of an enterprise—e.g., a medical center or bureaucracy.
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Bureaucracy A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages operational aspects of a business or bureaucracy. See Scientific review administrator, State fluoridation administrator, Third-party administrator.
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A person or entity managing executive duties.
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That fact notwithstanding, the decedent's administratrix argued that the decedent's use of a translator in obtaining the policy, together with discrepancies in the decedent's application, should have led the broker to investigate the matter.
She was tardy in doing that, and the court ordered the surety be made a party because of its undertaking on the administratrix's bond.
The court held that the Administratrix may pursue recovery under a negligence per se theory and the TAPA for her claims based upon ordinary negligence.
COURT'S OPINION: The Appellate Court of Illinois reversed the judgment of the trial court, which entered JNOV for the defendants, and ordered that the trial court enter judgment for the Administratrix on the original .jury verdict fur the plaintiff (against all defendants except Dr.
Instruments dated August 26, 1996, September 18, 2003, and April 13, 2006 were on the 6th day of December, 2011, admitted to probate as the Last Will and Testament, First Codicil to Last Will and Testament, and Second Codicil to Last Will and Testament, respectively, of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed Administratrix with Will Annexed thereunder.
Almost two years later, on September 7, 2008, the administratrix of the decedent's estate and the decedent's mother brought suit against Dr.
Olean Maclane died on February 3, 2007, allegedly as a result of the negligent care provided by Delmar and its nurses Mabel Joyner, as Administratrix of the deceased patient's estate, brought suit against Delmar and a Nurse and/or Nurses employed by Delmar alleging that their negligence resulted in the patient's death.
Deborah Dent, as the administratrix of their estates, was substituted as the plaintiff in the case.
The administratrix of her estate filed suit for medical malpractice and wrongful death against Dr.
The wife of a deceased prisoner, individually and as administratrix of the prisoner's estate, brought an action under [section] 1983 against a prison physician and a medical director, alleging that the defendants were deliberately indifferent to the prisoner's serious medical needs in violation of his Eighth Amendment rights, and seeking loss of consortium as a result of the prisoner's death.
CASE FACTS: Jacquelyn Kreinheder, as mother an administratrix of the estate of Leah Jones-Kreinheder, brought suit for medical malpractice against Drs.
Darlene Hester, Administratrix of the decedent's estate, filed suit against the nursing home, H.