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The Murree assistant commissioner has been appointed administrator of the Murree municipal corporation, and ACs of respective tehsils as administrators of municipal committees other than district headquarters.
One week ago, Justice Ochieng gave Nakumatt a lifeline to fight for its recovery after it allowed the appointment of an administrator. The judge ordered Peter Obondo Kahi to be appointed as an administrator under the provisions of Section 563 of the Insolvency Act.
Gaumond of Ware has been the West Boylston administrator since 2004.
In the performance of administrative job and duty, the administrators face a lot of problems.
Grachek: We do offer CE self-study courses on the ACHCA Web site, and we have very active partnerships, including one with your magazine that offers a monthly CE test (see, for example, "American College of Health Care Administrators Continuing Education Test #114," p.
District administrators should schedule periodic training for sub administrators about school safety, student discipline and issues pertaining to the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.
The SPJ statement has been printed on wallet-sized cards, which student journalists and advisers can use to educate others, including administrators, about the rights of student media.
"Typically," he says, "we get twice as many requests for capital equipment as we have dollars available." So administrators start from the unenviable position of having to disappoint every medical constituency.
Administrator: Mike Pesch, Interim Dean of the College of Business 720 Fourth Avenue South St.
Research administration professionals do not know whether certification has benefited the careers of those who have achieved it, or why most research administrators do not attempt certification.
Available from ACA Day Camp from Day One: A Hands-On Guide for Day Camp Administrators by Connie Coutellier

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