Adie, William John

Adie, William John

Brit. neurologist, 1886–1935.

Adie pupil

A usually unilateral ocular condition in which the affected pupil is larger than the normal one, dilates slowly in accommodation-convergence reflexes, and reacts slowly and only after lengthy exposure to light or dark. It may be part of Adie syndrome if deep tendon reflexes are diminished. Synonym: tonic pupil

Adie syndrome

An ocular syndrome marked by Adie pupil and absent or lessened Achilles tendon reflex and knee-jerk reflex. The absent or lessened deep tendon reflexes are permanent and may progress over time.
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William John, Australian physician, 1886-1935.
Adie pupil - Synonym(s): Adie syndrome
Adie syndrome - an idiopathic postganglionic denervation of the parasympathetically innervated intraocular muscles. Synonym(s): Adie pupil; Holmes-Adie pupil; Holmes-Adie syndrome; pupillotonic pseudotabes; Weill syndrome
Holmes-Adie pupil - Synonym(s): Adie syndrome
Holmes-Adie syndrome - Synonym(s): Adie syndrome
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