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William J., Australian physician, 1886-1935. See: Adie pupil, Adie syndrome, Holmes-Adie pupil, Holmes-Adie syndrome.
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To date, more than 35 authors are confirmed for the Literature Festival, including Adie and Al Khamissi, as well as Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Haifa Bitar, Mark Billingham and Michael Morpurgo.
If Shan was at his cheerful best, posing for photographs with almost every fan of his, and writing elaborate autograph notes, Adie was characteristically 'the news person.'
"Adie has promised to build a new ground and has the backing of several others who are willing to stake pounds 10,000 each to keep the club afloat.
Mr Rees said Boqer-Ore Adie and Rebekah Sturdey claimed a total of PS77,318.73 in disability living, pension credit and other benefits for Mr Sturdey.
Adie was vocal about her views on current-day television journalism, saying that to meet the voracious appetite of 24-hour news channels u oan animal that eatso u reporters speculate rather than being at the frontline.
Adie speaks with several brave souls who discuss what happened to them after the massacre, while the reporter sets out to paint a compelling picture of the confrontation..
Elected senior officers: club captain - Adie Fahy; 1st XV captain - Mark Galpin; president - Clive Horlor; chairman - Andy Waite; secretary - Lesley Fahy.
Mrs Adie admitted her heart was in her mouth as the Steinway was delivered and said the removal men "even got a small round of applause".
Speaking to The Birmingham Post after her speech at the Birmingham Rotary Club meeting, Ms Adie said her comments were intended as a "joke".
But while World Affairs Editor John Simpson was claiming credit for liberating Kabul during last year's blitz on Afghanistan, Adie, 57, was rarely seen on screen in her trademark flak jacket.
"She has blossomed in the last few weeks, and Adie says she should jump a fence," said Johnson's wife Sue.
READING'S fighting draw with Premier League Southampton was marred by a serious injury to new signing Adie Williams.