cell adhesion molecule

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cell ad·he·sion mol·e·cule (CAM),

proteins that hold cells together, for example, uvomorulin, and hold them to their substrates, for example, laminin.

cell ad·he·sion mol·e·cule

(CAM) (sel ad-hē'zhŭn mol'ĕ-kyūl)
Proteins that hold cells together, e.g., uvomorulin, and hold them to their substrates, e.g., laminin.

cell adhesion molecule



Any molecule that traverses the cell membrane and contains a chemical domain that binds it to other cells or to the extracellular matrix.
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It is worth noting that the most abundant, symbiosis-enhanced protein in the symbiotic anemone Anthopleura elegantissima has been identified as a protein that shares significant homology with the fasciclin I (Fas I) family of cysteine-containing cell adhesion proteins (20), which are themselves significant targets for RNOS nitrosative reactions.
The target, a cell surface adhesion protein, is considered an essential mediator of inflammation.
It was reported yesterday that the collaboration is aimed at further developing a novel, oral small molecule inhibitor of Vascular Adhesion Protein 1.
That allows Listeria to bind to the intestinal cells using an adhesion protein and pass into them, acting as a sort of gateway to the bloodstream.
It is a human antibody that specifically binds to the ICAM-1 adhesion protein, also called CD54.
The ProtEprobe technique will use electrical potential gradients to stimulate and control the conformation transitions of proteins including the cell adhesion protein Fibronectin and AA on 3D electrospun conductive polymer tissue scaffolds.
We demonstrated that while bi-layered organization in mammary epithelium is driven mainly by the lineage-specific differential expression of the E-cadherin adhesion protein, the expression of the P-cadherin adhesion protein makes additional contributions that are specific to the organization of the myoepithelial layer," LaBarge says.