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Though, by this course, neither one aim nor the other could be attained, yet it seemed best to the adherents of this third party.
The fifth party consisted of those who were adherents of Barclay de Tolly, not so much as a man but as minister of war and commander in chief.
Meantime Tom and the stanchest of his adherents had reached Harrowell's, and Sally was bustling about to get them a late tea, while Stumps had been sent off to Tew, the butcher, to get a piece of raw beef for Tom's eye, which was to be healed off- hand, so that he might show well in the morning.
It numbered thirty million of adherents, and it cast eight million votes.
The gentleman with the gray whiskers was obviously an inveterate adherent of serfdom and a devoted agriculturist, who had lived all his life in the country.
He returns, in fine, to punish as a rebel every adherent of his brother Prince John.
Her father, however, delighted with his new acquaintance, mounted his newly purchased horse, and followed in the train of the captain, to whom he continued to be a faithful and useful adherent during his sojourn in the neighborhood.
Le Syndicat des fonctionnaires de la direction generale des forces d'intervention a exprime, jeudi, dans une declaration communique, son "refus categorique de la mesure relative a l'augmentation de 1% a 2% de la contribution des adherents au systeme d'epargne retraite".
Mailing of the caisses adherents to the caisse centrale (caf hrault) and caisse centrale to the caisses adherents.
Une grosse bulle d'air, voila a quoi peut etre assimilee l'Assemblee generale extraordinaire convoquee, mercredi 6 septembre, par certains adherents du Raja de Casablanca, a leur tete la faction [beaucoup moins que]Boudrika[beaucoup plus grand que].
Selon lui, le bilan de l'operation, et ce, depuis l'application de la LFC-2015, est dans son ensemble positif, d'autant que le nombre d'employeurs ayant pris l'engagement et commence a regulariser leur situation depasse les 55% du total des adherents ayant des dettes envers la Securite sociale.