adenylyl cyclase

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a·den·y·lyl cy·clase

former name for adenylate cyclase.
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Dopamine +D2 [left & right arrow] Inhibits Adenylyl Cyclase.
For this purpose, the adenylyl cyclase activator forskolin was used in the present study to understand the potential role of the cAMP pathway in NECA induces IL-6 mRNA gene expression in skeletal muscle.
Evidence has implied involvement of adenylyl cyclase (AC), cAMP, and PKA in the late phase of LTP and spatial memory [15, 16, 46, 47].
Chronic antidepressant treatment facilitates G protein activation of adenylyl cyclase without altering G protein content.
Although the majority of studies for Ser49Gly and Gly389Arg are about cardiovascular disorders, the C allele of the Gly389Arg polymorphism was found to be afunctional polymorphism associated with an enhanced coupling to the stimulatory Gs-protein and increased adenylyl cyclase activation, which are often observed in affective disorders (8).
For example, in pulmonary endothelium, cAMP produced by plasma membrane-localized adenylyl cyclase is endothelial barrier protective; whereas, cAMP produced by both endogenous and heterologously-expressed AC is barrier disruptive [6,7].
Nicotine stimulates the secretion of catecholamine activating adenylyl cyclase of adipose tissue, resulting in increased lipolysis with increased concentrations of plasma fatty acids and increased secretion of hepatic triglycerides and serum VLDL cholesterol into the bloodstream.
[sup][1] It can relax airway smooth muscle cells by activating the adenylyl cyclase via the stimulatory G-protein (G [sub]s ).
Magnetic Fields(MF) of 50 Hz at 1.2 [micro]T as well as 100 [micro]T Cause Uncoupling of Inhibitory Pathways of Adenylyl Cyclase Mediated by Melatonin 1a Receptor in MF-Sensitive MCF-7 Cells.
The novel antipsychotic aripiprazole is a partial agonist at short and long isoforms of D2 receptors linked to the regulation of adenylyl cyclase activity and prolactin release.
Estrogen action via the G protein-coupled receptor, GPR30: stimulation of adenylyl cyclase and cAMP-rnediated attenuation of the epidermal growth factor receptor-to-MAPK signaling axis.