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Immunohistochemical staining was strongly positive for endothelial markers (CD31 and CD 34), and negative for mesothelial (Calretinin, WT1) and lymphatic markers (D2-40), excluding an adenomatoid tumour.
Negative staining for lymphatic marker, (D) D2-40, excluding an adenomatoid tumour of the testis.
The most common tumours that arise from the paratesticular tissue are benign neoplasms, such as leiomyoma, lipoma and adenomatoid tumour.
Although it is extremely rare, schwannoma must be considered in the differential diagnosis of a paratesticular tumour in a pediatric patient, along with other more common benign neoplasms of the paratesticular tissue, such as leiomyoma, lipoma and adenomatoid tumours.
8,9) These lesions comprise about 6% of paratesticular masses, second to adenomatoid tumours.
Multiple adenomatoid tumours in the liver and peritoneum.