adeno-associated virus

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A genus of small defective single-stranded DNA viruses in the family Parvoviridae that depend on adenoviruses for replication.
[L. dependeo, to be dependent upon, + virus]

Adeno-Associated Virus

A member of the parvovirus family, which is composed of small viruses with a genome of a single-stranded DNA. AAVs insert genomic material at a specific site on human chromosome 19 with nearly 100% certainty, and are used to construct vectors that introduce genes into cultured cells. There is virtually no downside to AAV vectors, given the small amount of DNA they can carry and because AAV is non-pathogenic (most people are AAV carriers). In contrast to adenoviruses, AAV usually does not trigger an immune response to cells infected with it, and thus can deliver genes to sites of interest, including the brain in the context of gene therapy for diseases of muscle and eye, tissues where AAV seems to be most useful.

adeno-associated virus

a replication-defective, single-stranded DNA virus classifed in the genus Dependovirus of the family Parvoviridae. They depend on help provided by coinfection with adenoviruses for their replication. Not known to cause disease.
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The antiviral activity of oral drops and dry extract was measured with plaque-reduction assays (Cooper 1955) in plaque forming units (PFU) for FluA and pFluA, Para 3, RSV, HRV 14, CA9 or with the analyses of a cytopathogenic effect (CPE) for Adeno 5.
The quantification of the antiviral activity was carried out either by analysing the number of plaques (PFU: FLuA, Para 3, HRV 14, CA9, RSV, pFluA), the lesions of viral CPE (Adeno 5) or by the amount of viral proteins (ELISA: Adeno 5 and RSV).
Attentuation of seizures and neuronal death by adeno associated virus vector galanin expression and secretion.
There was no evidence that screening had had any effect on the incidence or the mortality rate from adeno cancer which affects the glands around the cervix rather than the cervix wall itself.
Their topics include possible retrovirus vectors, adeno and adeno-associated virus vectors, gene therapy for acute renal failure due to ischemia-reperfusion issues and acute injuries, and treatment for chronically deteriorating renal function and renal fibrosis, and treatment for acute and chronic allograft rejection.
The trial studied patients with clinical signs and symptoms of acute conjunctivitis who tested positive for adenoviral antigen by the RPS Adeno Detector([R]) (RPS).
The partnership makes the RPS Adeno Detector(TM) available to millions of Atlanta residents and allows MinuteClinic nurse practitioners to accurately diagnose whether a patient has viral or bacterial conjunctivitis.
RPS) -- a leading developer of point-of-care diagnostic devices for ocular diseases -- announced today that the American Medical Association will issue a new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code that will cover the RPS Adeno Detector(TM), effective January 1, 2008.
With the RPS Adeno Detector(TM) receiving a CPT code effective January 1, 2008, coupled with the clinical and significant cost savings of the RPS device our focus has intensified toward the Group Purchasing Organizations and Integrated Networks.
The FDA cleared and CLIA waived RPS Adeno Detector(TM) is the first true point of care test available for conjunctivitis.
Using RNAi expressed from within Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) vectors, researchers showed anatomical, pathological and functional protection from the inherited neurodegeneration in SCA1 transgenic animals.