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Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis

An acute encephalopathy which usually follows viral infection (1:1,000 cases of measles), bacterial or parasitic infections, or rarely vaccinations (1:106 measles vaccinations) and which is characterised by autoimmune demyelination involving the entire brain, especially the subcortical and central white matter and cortical gray-white junction and spinal cord or may focally affect a nerve or cord root, and is regarded by some as a multiple sclerosis borderline disease.
Epidemiology Affects 8/106/year, primarily children.
Clinical finding Meningial signs and, if serious, coma and death. Treatment None
Mortality & morbidity 5% mortality; up to 75% recover completely and the rest have only minor residual defects.
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He spent two months working with music supervisor Adem Ilhan in a replica of Jack's bedroom -- complete with a bed, a piano, a Wurlitzer and posters on the wall.
Camera (color, Sony HD), Jaimie Cairney; editors, Billy Sneddon, Ant Boys; music, Adem Ilhan, Elysian Quartet; production designer, Cristina Casali; art director, Nick Dent; set decorator, Clare Keyte; costume designer, Ros Little; sound (Dolby Digital), Bob Newton; sound editor, Tim Alban; assistant director, Charlie Leech.
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