adductor hiatus

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ad·duc·tor hi·a·tus

the aperture in the aponeurotic insertion of the adductor magnus that transmits the femoral artery and vein from the adductor canal to the popliteal space.
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A re-evaluation of her condition included a check of her femoral and saphenous nerves which were painful on palpation along their path including the medial border of the tibia, pes anserine insertion, the medial joint line at the sartorius and gracilis (just adjacent to the adductor hiatus), the adductor canal, femoral triangle and lateral border of psoas.
(34-36) Within the proximal third of the thigh, the nerve enters the subsartorial, adductor or Hunter's canal, which is formed by a fibrous band spanning between the vastus medialis and the adductor magnus and adductor hiatus (Figure 4).
From the midpoint of adductor magnus, the posterior division descended within the substance of the anterior part of this muscle towards the adductor hiatus and terminated within the posterior aspect of the fibrous capsule of the knee joint.