Additive Genetic Variance

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Additive Genetic Variance

Evolutionary biology The ratio of altered genes and alleles to all of the genes that influence a particular trait
See Genetic variation


1. characterized by addition.
2. a substance added to another to improve its appearance, increase its nutritive value, etc. See feed additive.

food additive
material added to food; includes preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, acids, nonstick agents, humectants, firming agents, antifoaming agents, colorings and flavorings, solvents, and even nutritive materials such as minerals and vitamins.
additive gene action
1. total contribution made by all loci to a polygenic trait.
2. when the heterozygote is intermediate in phenotype between the two homozygotes, i.e. a lack of dominance.
additive genetic relationship
the degree of relationship (number of genes held in common) between two individuals neither of which is inbred; the minimum relationship is 0 and the maximum is 1.0.
additive genetic variance
variance attributed to the mean effect of substituting one allele for another at any given loci.
intramammary infusion additive
agents, e.g. anti-inflammatories, added to improve pharmacological efficacy.
additive relationship
see additive genetic relationship (above).


one of the measures of the dispersion of data; the mean squared deviation of a set of values from the mean.

additive genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to the additive effect of genes (VA).
analysis of variance
a statistical method for comparing values, expressed in terms of means or variance, of one or more variables in several subgroups of a population. Called also anova.
non-additive genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to epistatic interactions (VI) and dominance deviations (VD).
non-genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to non-genetic effects such as environment (VE).
phenotypic variance
a measure of the extent to which individuals vary in their phenotype (VP). VP = VA + VD + VI + VE.
variance ratio distribution
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The traits under selection showed more reduction of additive genetic variance over all the schemes.
In the TBV selection, additive genetic variance decreased, as well when the selection was made, based on the EBV.
The simulated additive genetic variance at each locus was computed using the formula [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], where p is the allele frequency and x is the allele substitution effect (Falconer and Mackay, 1996).
2]), the fraction of additive genetic variance explained by QTL allelic variance ([v.
Consistent with the present finding, Fathi (2003) reported that the analysis of six-week-old body weight records using an animal model resulted in overestimation of direct additive genetic variance and direct heritability if maternal additive genetic effect and environmental maternal effect are not taken into account.
e] are direct additive genetic variance, maternal additive genetic variance, maternal permanent environmental variance and residual variance, respectively; A is the additive numerator relationship matrix; Id and In are identity matrices that have order equal to the number of dams and number of records, respectively.
To be a candidate for selection, the economically relevant trait must exhibit genetic variability, which is to say that variability in phenotypic expression must be to some extent dependent on additive genetic variance.