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An FDA-approved resorbable, carbohydrate liquid polymer which is used to coat serosal surfaces of the peritoneum and inhibit the formation of postsurgical adhesions, fibrosis and scars that lead to pain, functional impairment (e.g., peristalsis), and poor surgical outcomes.
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A deployed brigade staff must establish a clear understanding of the proper channels and relevant battalion action officers involved in processing FLIPLs and other ADCON actions.
We couldn't do anything with respect to formal ADCON, but could address additional duties, especially if leadership of the staff agencies was under discussion.
By the time I was once again sitting in the squadron command chair, the construct of CPTS ADCON was codified in guidance (3) and subsequently published (4) in Air Force Instruction.
The responsibility of ADCON bestowed on comptrollers allows them to play big, seize opportunities, and lead.
This challenge is not insurmountable, and the 513th MIB relies heavily on its ADCON headquarters for the funding, equipping, and training that bridges the gap between the old model just discussed, and new model where soldiers training to deploy must train on systems they don't own, and practice collective training not found in any doctrine.
The Brigade has made enormous progress working with ARCENT via recent exercises, such as Lucky Warrior 2009, to develop the long term strategies that will ensure that our higher headquarters has the ability and knowledge to leverage the full extent of the Brigade's capabilities, while ensuring our continued support to the IC, and our ADCON headquarters, both deployed and via over watch and reach from Fort Gordon.
Getting back to the relationship among AMC, SDDC, and TRANSCOM, we must be careful to conceptually separate ADCON from command relationships, though both are inherent to any ASCC mission.
For example, arranging the service organizational structure to meet operational mission requirements would normally be a responsibility of the service administrative branch carried out solely under ADCON.
We must realize, though, that ADCON is not exclusive to the COMAFFOR; for attached forces, the home-unit Air Force commander receives a share.
exercises ADCON to organize, train, equip, sustain, and discipline AFFOR to meet service standards;
When it comes to understanding command and control relationships, such as ADCON and OPCON, it is critical for battalion- and brigade-level leaders and staff planners to know their roles and responsibilities.
ADCON encompasses administrative (legal, personnel, and finance) and logistical support to the maneuver forces.