assistive technology

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assistive technology

A general term for any technology designed to improve the quality of life of a person with disabilities, help them function in the best possible way and maintain their independence.

Innovations to assist with communication; equipment for people with a hearing disability; access for people with a visual disability; computer access for people with a learning disability; supporting people with dementia; linking housing and assistive technology, mobility and wherever possible assessing physical ability to inform design. Telecare and telemedicine enable individuals to be treated outside hospital settings and, by assisting the work of GPs and community care teams, enable individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities to live independently.

Assistive technology for persons with disabilities 
• Hygiene—long levers for faucets, specially designed toilets. 
• Work-enabling activities—adjustable work tables, modified sports equipment.  
• Social interaction/communication—prosthetic devices, cochlear implants, special telephones.  
• Physical access—ramps, remote control switches.
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assistive technology

Enabling technology Disabilities A technology designed to improve the quality of life a person with disabilities and function in the most optimal possible fashion. See American with Disabilities Act.
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as·sis·tive tech·nol·o·gy

(ă-sis'tiv tek-nol'ŏ-jē)
Any piece of equipment or device used to maintain or promote function in someone with a disability. Can range from low (e.g., walking stick) to high (e.g., computerized communication device).
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* the high cost of adaptive equipment was a barrier to purchasing equipment and seen as difficult to justify to funding bodies
With knowledge of the medical and functional limitations of this illness, counselors can assist clients; in planning and assisting job modifications, job re-structuring, energy conservation, adaptive equipment, pacing, rest, alternative employment, and other appropriate accommodations that meet the individual's specific need.
For the last 5 years, the New Jersey Library for the Blind and Handicapped has administered a grant that loans adaptive equipment to colleges in New Jersey for use by students with disabilities.
Bob Fulton is the founder of Bridges and a ropes course and adaptive equipment designer and builder.
Cost is $10 per hour, including use of adaptive equipment and lift tickets.
Game rules might have to be altered a little, and adaptive equipment might have to be used, but mobility limitations certainly mustn't keep people from having fun !
VA handbooks and directives state adaptive equipment includes, but isn't limited to, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, automatic transmissions and other items.
In addition to selling new and used modified vans for wheelchair accessibility, MobilityWorks and Better Life Mobility Centers also provide rental vans and adaptive equipment such as hand controls, turning seats and scooter lifts.
Members can also participate in forums, read blog, or swap adaptive equipment through the site's Marketplace.
Lift ticket, lesson (usually two hours, depending on the student) and rental of adaptive equipment are included.
The rating decision also provided entitlement to special monthly compensation, specially adapted housing, and automobile and adaptive equipment.

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