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Michel, French naturalist, 1727-1806. See: adansonian classification.
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Abordo la dimension internacional del asunto citando exploradores destacados en la publicacion de floras exoticas: Adanson (Senegal), Hasselquist (Palestina), Forsskal (Arabia), Gunner (Noruega) y Koenig (Indias Orientales).
Caiophora se diferencia de Loasa Adanson, el genero mas afin de la tribu Loaseae Urb.
Unlike the plates for Adanson, which contain only her birth name, her postnuptial etchings are signed with both Reboul and the surname of her husband.
1980--El genero Tolpis Adanson en Andalucia occidental--Lagascalia 9(2): 229-231.
De Adanson (3) que descubrio una especie de Etiopia).
Melymaera, a new plant bug genus (Heteroptera: Miridae: Orthotylinae) inhabiting manzanita, Arctostaphylos Adanson (Ericaceae).
12) The coast of West Africa was visited by Michel Adanson, Henry Smeathman, and Adam Afzelius, but the natural history of the African interior remained unexplored, even though Banks, at the helm of the African Society, hastened to recommend explorers, such as Mungo Park, who were also trained botanists.
For example, while the naturalist Adanson, a contemporary of Linneaus, proposed a method for organizing botanical phenomena based on the identification of differences between individual specimens (Foucault, 1970), Linneaus advocated a systematic approach based on similarity of reproductive structure.
Restriction patterns were analyzed with the Taxotron package (Taxolab Software, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France) comprising the RestrictoScan, RestrictoTyper, Adanson, and Dendrograph programs.
Fishery of the mangrove oyster, Crosostrea gasar, Adanson (1757), in the Lagos area, Nigeria.
Most centrally, he uses a passage from the botanist Adanson (of Baobab fame), a careful ethnographer, and perhaps the first to teach himself an African language, who in a moment of careless rapture described a village scene as 'a perfect image of pure nature [.