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Michel, French naturalist, 1727-1806. See: adansonian classification.
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Reboul's deft execution suggests that she was already a skilled etcher when she began the plates for Adanson in 1756 or 1757.
The undulating hatching on both the body of the vessel and the rectangular plinth is characteristic of her style, as found in her earlier illustrations for Adanson and the comte de Caylus.
M[ichel] Adanson, Histoire naturelle du Senegal: Coquillages, Avec la Relation abregee d'un Voyage fait en ce pays, pendant les annees 1759, 50, 51, 52, & 53 (Paris: Chez Claude-Jean-Baptiste Bauche, 1757).
Validated by a reference to a pre- 1789 Adanson (Fam.
DRYOPTERIS {dry-OP-ter-iss} Adanson 1763 * Wood Ferns * [Greek, drys, tree (oak), and pteris, fern; an allusion to their woodland habitat.
Apart from works on Linnaeus or Adanson, few studies have been done on other plant taxonomists (Turrill, 1963; Kiger, 1971; Barabe & Brouillet, 1982; Mabberley, 1985; Williams, 1988; Barabe & Vieth, 1990; Stevens & Cullen, 1990; Endress, 1993; Stevens, 1984a, 1984b, 1991, 1994; Cain, 1994; Cuerrier et al.