Adams, Robert

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Robert, Irish physician, 1791-1875.
Adams-Stokes disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Adams-Stokes syncope - syncope due to complete atrioventricular block.
Adams-Stokes syndrome - characterized by slow or absent pulse, vertigo, syncope, convulsions, and sometimes Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes disease; Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome; Morgagni disease; Spens syndrome; Stokes-Adams disease; Stokes-Adams syndrome
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Stokes-Adams disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Stokes-Adams syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
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