Albert, Polish pathologist, 1850-1921. See: artery of Adamkiewicz.
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Adamkiewicz G, Zota AR, Fabian MP, Chahine T, Julien R, Spengler JD, et al.
La arteria espinal anterior nace de la union de dos ramas de la arteria vertebral que se unen a nivel de la decusacion de las piramides para luego descender por la superficie anterior de la medula, un poco dentro del surco medio anterior; Irriga las piramides medulares y las estructuras medulares paramedianas mas los dos tercios anteriores de la medula espinal; el resto depende de las arterias medulares y radiculares segmentarias siendo la mas importante la arteria radicular magna o de Adamkiewicz, generalmente a la altura de T10 a L1 (4).
Huw Hilditch-Roberts of Just Right in Denbigh with Valaira Adamkiewicz of Slateware
6) The most caudal region of the spinal cord, extending from T8 to the conus, is additionally supplied by the artery of Adamkiewicz, branching from the intercostal artery, and occasionally the Desproges-Gotteron artery, branching from the internal iliac artery.
11 The hypothesized mechanism was arterial injection into an anatomic variant of the artery of Adamkiewicz, which runs from T9-L2 in 85% of patients.
Welsh rugby fans Ben Blackmore and his girlfriend Alfie Adamkiewicz, from Cross Keys, in Rome yesterday
Analysant les pratiques sportives autonomes, Adamkiewicz (1998) s'etait deja interesse aux aspects << spectacularisables >> des pratiques de glisse urbaine, alors en pleine phase de structuration.
PATIENT'S CLAIM The paralysis was most likely caused by a drop in blood flow and proper perfusion in the area of the artery of Adamkiewicz, resulting in a sludging and subsequent paralysis.
First-line therapy with intravenous ketorolac was reported previously to result in adequate resolution of pain in 53% of episodes with acute sickle cell pain (Beiter, Simon, Chambliss, Adamkiewicz, & Sullivan, 2001).
Piotr Adamkiewicz, a spokesman for the Polish embassy in Islamabad, said that the information had come from a number of different sources and was considered to be "99.