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AD2 takes pride in supporting thousands of doctors, lab owners and instructors to help grow their business by using our products and instrumentation.
AD2 Gaytan, who was positioned between the trainee and the prop, firmly grabbed the trainee, preventing him from going forward into the prop, while AE3 Gamez pulled the back of the trainee's float coat to stop the forward momentum of both the trainee and AD2 Gaytan into the aircraft's moving propeller.
SAN FRANCISCO -- LookSmart (Nasdaq:LOOK) launched white label AdCenters for Ybrant Digital's MediosOne and AD2 Networks, continuing the expansion of the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace.
The turn crew briefed the proper night hand signals and AE1, who was working on his turn operator qualification and was performing the turn, and AD2, the turn operator qualified instructor, briefed and reviewed all the emergency NATOPS procedures.
On a cold February day, I joined pilots Lieutenant James Mason and Lieutenant (jg) Chris Claybrook, aircrewmen AD2 Ryan Tennyson and AMCS Pete Durant and five search and rescue (SAR) swimmers on board a CH-46 Sea Knight for a late afternoon training hop to maintain the swimmers' currency.
AD1 Steve Hall, AD2 Scott Stearns and AM3 Kyle Eyers HSL-48
Geoff Grindeland and Pete Field, AMS1 Marty Crews, AEl Mike Conroy, AC1 George Turner, AD2 Chad Rines and Mazer.
AD2 Raynard Eugenio of VFA-97 does maintenance on an FA-18C aboard USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
AD2 Josh Lazanis and AD2 Anthony Ward, both assigned to VaQ-135, perform maintenance on the engine-bay door of an EA-6B Prowler aboard USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
AE1 Josh Deitrick and AD2 Mikhos Maneru, both assigned to the "Wallbangers" of VAW-117, perform propeller maintenance on an E-2C Hawkeye aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
AD2 Thomas Worman reviews maintenance procedures for an FA-18E Hornet assigned to the "Eagles" of VFA-115 in the hangar bay aboard the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76).