acute care hospital

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Acute Care Hospital

A UK hospital offering surgical and medical patient care for individuals facing an unexpected serious medical problem that needs immediate assessment and treatment. During acute care hospitalisation, patients receive a provisional diagnosis and treatment plan.

a·cute care hos·pi·tal

(ă-kyūt' kār hos'pi-tăl)
An inpatient medical facility providing therapy for severe illness or injury; average length of stay of 30 days or fewer.
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The region includes five hospitals serving the greater Dallas area, three in Houston, and a two acute care hospital system in El Paso.
is a privately held firm that owns and operates 15 acute care hospitals representing 2,814 licensed beds in 10 states.
The lack of a long-term acute care hospital in Peoria creates a great deal of stress for families who need access to these special services," said John H.
These facilities include inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, regional acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and other single-discipline healthcare facilities, such as heart hospitals, orthopedic hospitals and cancer centers.
Tenet Healthcare Corporation, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates acute care hospitals and related health care services.
The company also operates freestanding rehabilitation hospitals and long-term acute care hospitals across the country, including four in the state of Texas.
Boswell is comprised of a 25-bed acute care hospital and 29-bed skilled nursing facility primarily serving the residents of Greensboro, Georgia.
There is a high penetration of managed care providers, as well as an ongoing move by acute care hospitals to consolidate.
In the early fifties, people were aware of two kinds of health care institutions: acute care hospitals and nursing homes.
Kindred currently operates 12 skilled nursing facilities and 3 long-term acute care hospitals in Northern California.
The addition of these two acute care hospitals combined with the recent closing of Heart of Florida Hospital in Haines City and Parkview Hospital in Topeka , Kansas, bring the number of hospitals we operate to a total of 20," said William J.
NYSE: GHC) has confirmed that negotiations with HMA are continuing for the acquisition of two acute care hospitals located in Sebastian, Fla.