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Acute alcohol intoxication potentiates neutrophil-mediated intestinal tissue damage after burn injury.
The aim of the study was to examine, whether the single acute alcohol intoxication can change the activity of serum or urinary [beta]-glucuronidase in healthy persons.
The change in emotional behavior (fear reduction) resulting from acute alcohol intoxication can illustrate this model of cognition-emotion interaction, where alcohol seems to influence the emotional processing through its effects on cognitive processing.
In death from acute anemia on the background of acute alcohol intoxication the relative size of the nerve cell bodies is significantly reduced, and perineural space is dramatically expanded.
For example, in a model of lung infection, acute alcohol intoxication suppressed the production of certain chemokines (i.
Sadly, no one counted the 19-year-old's drinks the night he died from acute alcohol intoxication at an on-campus party in June 2008.
This suggests that students presenting for urgent treatment with acute alcohol intoxication may be a unique subgroup; however, little is known regarding how these individuals may differ from their binge drinking peers who do not seek medical care.
Mrs Clark died accidentally from acute alcohol intoxication.
However, there is little research examining the effects of acute alcohol intoxication on otherwise normal individuals and the subsequent effect on head injury.
Acute alcohol intoxication complicates the initial management of trauma victims and is associated with greater incidences of pneumonia and respiratory distress, requiring ventilator assistance during hospitalization (Gurney et al.
Kevin Keith and his wife Catherine were charged with manslaughter after Nicole Falkingham, the estranged wife of the millionaire property developer behind Urban Splash Jonathan Falkingham, fell asleep in a car on one of the coldest nights of the year and died from hypothermia brought on by acute alcohol intoxication.

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