Acuaria spiralis

Ac·u·a·ri·a spi·ra·lis

(ak'yū-ā'rē-ă spī-rā'lis),
A nematode parasite in the proventriculus, esophagus, and sometimes, the intestine, of chickens, turkeys, pheasants, and other birds.
[L. acus, needle; Mod. L. spiralis, spiral]
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A three-year-old Pekin robin died after suffering from a gizzard inflammation and obstruction by Acuaria spiralis worms (Figure 2).
Inset: numerous nematodes (arrows) Acuaria spiralis agglomerated near the pylorus.
Histopathological changes in the proventriculus of fowl given experimental monospecific infection with Acuaria spiralis.
Economic importance of Tetrameres mohtedai and Acuaria spiralis infections of fowl.