hard disk drive

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hard disk drive,

n the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, which provides the largest amount of storage for the computer.
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One (1) Backhoe of Three (3) Minimum Requirements Mentioned in the Technical Specifications Will Be Equipped with the Following Components: - Hydraulic Hammer Mounted On the Actuator Arm for Excavation; - Hydraulic Hammer with A Weight of Min.
Hazard: The brake cable actuator arm can over-rotate, dislocating parts, causing the brake calipers to fail.
Valvestock, the specialist valve and actuator arm of Pipe Center, has established an industrial pumps offering to target the specialist requirements of large-scale projects across the UK, support OEMs and deliver a unique multi-product offering to industrial end users.
If the cocking actuator lever doesn't fully engage or the cocking actuator arm slot isn't parallel to the mount so that the cocking bracket can seat properly, repeat the instructions in WP 0016.
Pneumatic artificial muscles (PAMs) act against themselves and resultant position [phi] of the actuator arm is given by equilibrium of their tensile forces (FI, [F.
The Spoon is attached to the Spoon Arm, which has a travel slot milled into it that allows the Spoon and its actuator arm to travel along the slot as the mold pulls the Spoon away from the stationary half.
A full-size keyboard, totally enclosed actuator arm and battery maintenance LED indicators add functionality.
The actuator arm is tolerant to a misalignment of [plus or minus]0.
A drive consists of several parts--an actuator arm moves a read/write head across the physical platters on which data is magnetically stored.
Contracted vendor is required to install the four (4) new Primary Clarifier Scum Tube Assemblies, actuator arm and gear box/motor assemblies.
Using powered tools can bend the actuator arm or damage the flexible driveshaft.
It can accominodate both a bar-code reader and biometric security device and has an enclosed actuator arm.