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Abbreviation for activated clotting time.
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(1) Angioplasty Compliance Trial
(2) Attacking Claudication with Ticlopidine; Arteriopathie Chronique Ticlopidine. A statistically weak clinical trial assessing the effect of ticlopidine in managing patients with intermittent claudication.
Conclusion 39 ticlopidine patients and 29 placebo patients (p = 0.04) increased their walking distance ≥ 50% above baseline.
Psychology A Controlled Effectiveness Trial—Consumer vs. Non-consumer Assertive Case Management Teams and Usual Care. A trial funded by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which evaluates the use of services by patients with serious and chronic mental illness, according to different types of case management.


A written ordinance or mandate by Congress, Parliament or other legislative body.
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Cardiology Two clinical trials,
1. Angioplasty Compliance Trial. See Angioplasty.
2. Attacking Claudication with Ticlopidine. See Ticlopidine Psychology ACT–A Controlled effectiveness Trial–Consumer vs Non-consumer Assertive Case Management Teams and Usual Care funded by the SAMHSA, which evaluated the use of services by Pts with serious and chronic mental illness, according to different types of case management.
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Abbreviation for activated clotting time.
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Patient discussion about ACT

Q. my friend has blood cancer ... and he acts as normal as i am , but i can't stop thinking if it is good for him because i think he's putting a fake show for us , he's friends , because he wants us to act normal around him and he doesn't want to have special treatment from us .. and i am not sure it is for his benefit .. health wise ... what do you think ?

A. there are many psychological ways to accept a disease. denial, passive aggressive mechanism, acting out, control, humor ect. everyone of them has advantages and disadvantages. they are not bad or wrong, they just are. and the people around him have to understand it. if he's starting to act weird or harmful- then i suggest professional help. but as long that it doesn't get that far- leave it be.

Q. what should i do and how should i act if my son is all depressed? how can i help him? it cause a lot of tension around the family ....

A. some things children get down about are growing pains. You are closer to your son than others and know if he needs outside help. If that is true, you can start by getting him to a medical doctor for evaluation. They are trained to recognize and treat depression. Its not so complicated these days. The other kids around him don't have to know if he is taking medication. If he gets better and he should, his friends will be happy for him and hopefully supportive. Pay attention to him and be as supportive as you can. Maybe being a friend or a buddy to him could be just the thing he really needs. Parents usually know best.

Q. how do i figure if my daughter is autistic? sometimes i get the idea that she's act a little different than the others but than again , it doesn't mean a lot .. i think my question is by what definitions and with what tools i would be able to get to a conclusion if my child deserve a special attention or it is just in my mind ....

A. first of all= how old is your daughter? when i asked a professional he said there isn't a way to know before the age of 3. but any way- there isn't a medical test (like blood test etc.) that can definitely tell that she is autistic. it is done mostly with observations, sometimes testing for other problems that comes along with autism.

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