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An opening or rupture in the earth’s surface through which lava, hot gases, and fragments of rock erupt. The effect of volcanic eruptions on humans is both direct—lava flow, tidal waves, mud slides—and indirect—releasing ash that affects the lungs or weather
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MOUNT ETNA: The largest of the three active volcanoes in Italy stands at 3,329 meters above sea level on the east coast of Sicily.
But for those inclined towards adventure, it's the nearest they can be to an active volcano in the sub- continent.
Look at Hawaii's Kilauea and Mauna Loa--two of the world's most active volcanoes. They are located above a geothermal region called a "hot spot."
The 3,776-meter peak is one of 86 currently active volcanoes in Japan.
Watching the Kraffts paddling about in a rubber boat in a volcanic crater lake of sulfuric acid, descending into an active volcano, or dashing into a lava flow to retrieve samples leaves viewers wondering just what type of daredevil would undertake such risks in the name of science.
Environmentalists and native Hawaiians say these 25,000 acres on the slopes of Kilauea, the world's most active volcano, are the last sizable lowland tropical rainforest in the U.S.
Summary: Guatemala City [Guatemala], June 7(ANI): The death toll from a highly active volcano that erupted near Guatemala's capital on Sunday rose to 99.
The country's volcanology agency on Thursday lowered the alert status for the Philippines' most active volcano, signifying the cessation of eruptive activity and the decline to a moderate level of unrest.
It may be a tourist attraction for its perfect cone, but Mount Mayon, being an active volcano, can be quite a handful for both locals and government officials here.
Mexico's "smoking mountain", pictured at the top of this article, lies 70km south-east of Mexico City and is the country's most active volcano. The volcano is currently erupting 6 as it has done so intermittently since 2005 6 with lava dome growth, explosions, ash plumes up to a few kilometres high and minor ash fall in surrounding areas.
Last week, Indonesia announced an evacuation zone of 6 miles around Mount Agung, an active volcano on the island of Bali.
Fire and hot ash spewed high into the sky from Italy's Mount Etna, Friday, December 4, in one of the most dramatic eruptions of Europe's tallest active volcano in the past 20 years.