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An opening or rupture in the earth’s surface through which lava, hot gases, and fragments of rock erupt. The effect of volcanic eruptions on humans is both direct—lava flow, tidal waves, mud slides—and indirect—releasing ash that affects the lungs or weather
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Its dozens of active volcanos have led to its name, the 'ring of fire'.
After graduating from Bristol University, Jonathan spent time working for a government agency in Guatemala taking gas measurements at active volcano Santiaguito and collecting rock samples.
Local favorites Chris Gaffney and the Cold Hard Facts will perform Southern-style blues with an edge (as well as with an accordion); One World will deliver a global gumbo of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, mambo, samba, cha-cha and salsa; and Cafe R&B, one of the area's most popular rhythm-and-blues bands, will put on a roaring performance described by one critic as ``Etta James riding a Harley out of an active volcano.
Summary: Europe's highest active volcano Mount Etna has begun to erupt again, spewing blood-red molten lava and grey and white ash into the air.
Vesuvius, the only active volcano on the European mainland, last erupted in 1944; its lava flow destroyed some towns and killed 26 people.
THE US Virgin Islands Senate passed a resolution yesterday asking the US government not to force almost 300 Montserrat citizens to return home, where an active volcano still threatens the tiny British Caribbean territory.
Students will not only get to practice their Spanish but climb up the steps of Mayan ruins, view an active volcano, visit a rain forest and snorkel in blue coastal waters.
In February 2004, Prime issued coverage for the MTV program "Road Rules" event held in Pucon, Chile -- a world-record helicopter bungee jump into the caldera of an active volcano above a pool of molten lava.
Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano, is located on the east coast of the southern island, near the town of Catania.
Summary: Europe's tallest and most active volcano, Mount Etna, has erupted for the fifth time in 2012, spewing hot lava and ash on Sunday.
MOUNT Etna, Europe's biggest and most active volcano, came to life again yesterday, with a river of lava coming out of its mouth and a series of small quakes damaging buildings on its slopes.
The ground stayed quiet but experts remained on nervous alert yesterday for a possible eruption of Mount Etna, Europes tallest and most active volcano.