active ingredient

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Active Ingredient

Any component that provides pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or affects the structure or any function of the body of man or animals.

ac·tive in·gre·di·ent

(ak'tiv in-grē'dē-ĕnt)
Any component of a pharmaceutical product that exerts pharmacologic activity.
Synonym(s): active pharmaceutical ingredient.

active ingredient

the chemically active part of a manufactured product such as a HERBICIDE, the remainder being inert.
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The Lubrizol Corporation: added a new active ingredients sales organization for its global skin care business, effective immediately.
The oil and certain active ingredients showed beneficial immunomodulatory properties, augmenting the T cell-and natural killer cellmediated immune responses.
Over the same period, demand for active ingredients will grow by 1.
7 billion yen in establishing a new production site for pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and active ingredients at its subsidiary AGC Wakasa Chemicals Co.
Pentapharm holds a global position in the development and production of active ingredients and system solutions for the cosmetics industry.
Nordmark's focus is on production of biological active ingredients and pharmaceutical drugs, which are sold worldwide.
ISP) sign an agreement through which Bayer CropScience will gain the exclusive rights to ISP's novel formulation delivery systems for several key active ingredients of Bayer CropScience.
The authors note that the active ingredients of mothballs may be inhaled or absorbed through the skin during contact with treated clothing.
This includes patented formulations based on DBDCB and other active ingredients for in-can preservation.
For the most part, with [herbal] supplements, we still don't know what all the active ingredients are," so nobody knows the ideal formulation of most supplements, observes Bill J.