active range of motion

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active range of motion (AROM),

amount of motion at a given joint when the subject moves the part voluntarily.

active range of motion (AROM)

the range of movement through which a patient can actively (without assistance) move a joint using the adjacent muscles. Movement occurs because of the contraction of skeletal muscle.

Active Range of Motion

The range of movement through which a person can voluntarily change a joint’s components without assistance from another body part, person or device.

ac·tive range of mo·tion

(AROM) (ak'tĭv rānj mō'shŭn)
Amount of motion at a given joint when the subject moves the part voluntarily.

active range of motion,

n any unassisted movement of a joint.
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11) Tuberosity nonunion or malunion is one of the more common complications associated with hemiarthroplasty for acute fractures (12) and can lead to significant losses in active range of motion.
One week later the patient underwent a right shoulder McLaughlin procedure and shoulder Spica followed by passive, then active-assisted, and active range of motion and rotator cuff strengthening exercises.
The patient was started on active range of motion exercises with a hinged elbow brace till 6 weeks.
Active range of motion of the right shoulder was full and pain free in combined flexion and adduction.
This is, to the best of our knowledge, one of the first reports to combine analyses of reliability and inter-method correlation of the DF active range of motion (AROM) lunge method and PF AROM measurements.
Clinical parameters of the shoulder-girdle mechanism that can be measured are shoulder shrug weakness, limitations in shoulder-abduction and/or shoulder-flexion active range of motion, scapular winging at rest, and pain, typically in a characteristic location across the upper border of the trapezius muscle.
Diagnosed with left hip fracture with "open reduction and internal fixation" (ORIF), pneumonia, obstructive sleep apnea, and extremely limited active range of motion in both shoulders because of rotator cuff tears, he was unable to bathe, dress, or groom himself, and required help with transfers and toileting.
During this period active range of motion of the elbow, wrist, and hand was encouraged.
Active range of motion was 0[degree] to 130[degrees] with audible grinding.
8) Other tests are indicative of this condition, including a decrease in pinch and thumb strength measurements on the symptomatic side, a decrease in thumb active range of motion bilaterally (but more pronounced on the symptomatic side), and the EPB entrapment test which has been shown to demonstrate subjects with a positive test were more likely having two compartments than one.
From the estimated motion, the software allows for the calculation of the active range of motion, the congruency and the center of rotation of the hip joint, and the detection and localization of the femoroacetabular impingement region.
Eight skilled ballet dancers performed grand rond de jambe en l'air with the right leg as gesture leg at heights of 90[degrees] and 105[degrees] as well as their maximal active range of motion (MAR).

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