Active Listening

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paying attention through hearing.
active listening in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as attending closely to and attaching significance to a patient's verbal and nonverbal messages.
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A mental crisis hotline intervention technique to reaffirm what the caller says he/she feels
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So far as, the concept of active listening is concerned, more than fifty percent of the students have the sentiments that basic listening skills can be ascertained by focusing on what and how a speaker is saying.
Elicson wrote most of Active Listening on an acoustic guitar, producing a number of delicate folk songs that she knew would be bastardized the moment that Koloski got near them.
Active listening techniques are used to improve personal communications within organizations.
Explaining the importance of active listening skills and communication
role-playing as methods for teaching trainee clinical psychologists the skills of empathy and active listening, taking into account the impact made in relation to both their self-awareness and their growth as professionals; and 2) to examine the degree of discomfort associated with sharing real personal experiences both before (pre) and after (post) the skills training programme.
Participants engaged in activities which demonstrated their roles in active listening and established problem solving methods.
Active listening is a way of having a conversation, including really difficult conversations, in which you really listen to what the other parent is saying and check that you've understood the other parent.
Active listening is the process where you listen carefully to what someone is saying and react properly to the words being spoken.
In the daily work of faculty, we strive to model caring skills for students, teaching active listening and challenging students to learn more about patients' cultural interpretations of events.
However, considerable debate exists over the effectiveness of active listening in solving chronic relational problems (Hafen & Crane, 2003).
Each member should come prepared to advise the incoming Board of Directors on issues important to your practice and engage in open-minded debate, practice active listening, and use the extensive resources and collective knowledge made available throughout the meetings to assist in making informed decisions about the future work of the Georgia Nurses Association.
he's been trained by george (Reece shearsmith) to offer sympathetic words and "active listening" to anyone who rings in, lonely and desperate.

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