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The Active Directory Security Resource Center is designed to help organizations obtain a better understanding of the importance of, and the risks associated with Active Directory, as well as to help them establish and enact adequate Active Directory security risk management measures.
A brief look at the way Active Directory organizes a Windows 2000 network will set the stage for a closer look at these benefits.
View detailed topology statistics on all the objects within the Active Directory - top down from the Forest to individual user and computer accounts.
Security promises to remain a significant concern as many now look to further leverage Active Directory by synching it with disparate data sources across the enterprise using MIIS.
With its powerful CMDB and custom reporting, ECM for Active Directory allows users to monitor change over time on the Active Directory like no other product," said Andrew Bird, vice president, Configuresoft.
It is critical to an organization that Active Directory is always available, so when problems occur, they must be resolved quickly," said Jackson Shaw, senior director of product management, Quest Software.
Instead, customers can work with a single identity store - in this case Active Directory - and use it for many purposes, thereby simplifying some of their identity management challenges.
Our customers tell us that Microsoft Active Directory is at the heart of their identity and access technology investments, but managing within a heterogeneous environment continues to be a reality for them.
Centeris created Likewise Identity after customers and large enterprise companies showed interest in more breadth around Active Directory integration - which was one of the core features in their flagship product, Likewise 2.
Slated for ship in May 2004, ChangeAuditor for Active Directory will reduce the risks associated with Active Directory configuration changes by providing the visibility organizations need to proactively protect their network infrastructure.
Password Power Lotus Notes ID Plug-In Delivers Anytime Anywhere Access to Lotus Applications Via Microsoft Active Directory and Supports Users on Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers

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