Activated Sludge Process

A method of treating sewage and wastewater by enhancing microbial oxidation
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The Davyhulme Treatment Works opened in 1894 and has been at the forefront of Innovation ever since, not least with a breakthrough in the drive to improve the treatment process when, in 1914, two chemists, Ardern and Lockett, discovered the 'Activated Sludge Process', soon after in use worldwide.
Activated sludge process was the process most commonly used (163 conventional activated sludge treatment plants and 34 using sequencing batch reactors), followed by ecological wastewater treatment systems (incl.
Once completed, Bluewater Bio will operate and maintain the new plant along with the existing Hybrid Activated Sludge process (HYBACS) plant which was installed five years earlier.
The most common process for the second operation is the activated sludge process. The latter is based on the cultivation of microorganisms' population that consummates the pollutants existing in the wastewater as food source [1].
Therefore, an activated sludge process cannot achieve effective reduction of COD and an advanced treatment process must therefore be developed.
As by the Fenton process the biodegradability of wastewater increased, the activated sludge process was applied for its secondary biological treatment.
Cutting-edge Veolia technologies will provide a complete wastewater treatment cycle, from modern pre-treatment and biological treatment, including a flexible activated sludge process, to chemical treatment and sewer overflow treatment with the proven Actiflo process combined with Hydrotech Discfilters.
Secondly, the water is treated using hybrid technology, Hybas, a biological treatment that combines an activated sludge process and AnoxKaldnes MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) treatment.
The present work was carried out that activated sludge process (ASP) for the treatment of settled tannery effluent and to develop general guidelines for the process design under local conditions.
Design worksheet was developed in (Microsoft excel 2010) according to standard procedure in [6], where design core principles are based on complete-mix activated sludge process (CMAS).