action learning

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action learning

Learning through both direct participation in a task, followed by careful analysis of one's performance.

Patient care

It is used to improve a work processes within organizational units or address patient care issues that cross organizational lines. Team members are chosen for their technical, organizational, or managerial skills and knowledge.

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In the PMT 401 instructional approach that incorporates the Action Learning method and ethos, one key distinguishing feature is that students do not start out with a preconceived problem.
We'll explore the tangible benefits of action learning based on the experience of Atlantic Health System (AHS), a multi-hospital system with more than 10,000 employees, 2,800 affiliated physicians, more than 800,000 outpatient visits and 1,300 licensed beds.
(1998) Essentials of action learning. In: Raven J, Stephenson J.
"We are also looking forward to reviewing the work carried out by the Action Learning students who will be running different projects at Batelco," he added.
Participants worked together to resolve challenges they face using 'Action Learning Sets' techniques, learn from the experience of other cultural institutions and develop their own development plans.
In light of expanding support for design thinking's addition to business practice and, therefore, to business education, and considering the heretofore lack of empirical validation for such a claim, we designed a graduate course in which the principles of design thinking were applied through action learning and reflective practice, and their implications explored qualitatively.
In response, some business schools have moved to providing their MBA students with innovative action learning activities, such as consultancy projects at MIT, Yale, or Duke (Bisoux, 2006).
Action learning is a powerful form of problem solving combined with intentional learning in order to bring about change in individuals and the organisation.
The course development and participation experience is discussed in relation to action learning as a model for nurse professional development.
The learning cycle and action learning are close buddies, enjoying total rapport.
I was able to develop a cohesive, efficient team using a variety of the teambuilding skills I had learned, such as action learning.
Later she went to work in the university's business school, undertaking pioneering work in action learning and vocational education.

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