Actinomyces suis

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Actinomyces suis

a strain formerly called Eubacterium suis; found in pigs.


a genus of non-acid-fast, gram-positive organisms that form a mycelium of branching filaments that fragment into irregular-sized fragments.

Actinomyces bovis
the cause of actinomycosis of cattle and sheep.
Actinomyces congolensis, Actinomyces dermatonomus
see dermatophiluscongolensis.
Actinomyces hordeovulneris
a cause of abscesses, pleuritis and systemic infections in dogs where it is often associated with penetration by grass awns (foxtails) of Hordeum spp.
Actinomyces israelii
an uncommon cause of actinomycosis in cattle and pigs.
Actinomyces necrophorus
see fusobacteriumnecrophorum.
Actinomyces pyogenes
now called Arcanobacterium pyogenes.
Actinomyces suis
the cause of actinomycosis of the swine mammary gland.
Actinomyces viscosus
the cause of periodontal disease in hamsters, and opportunistic infections of dogs.